Quality Assurance for Weld Control with Digital X-ray Systems and Portable X-ray Systems

Ensuring weld quality is critical in many applications and industries such as aerospace, power plants, shipbuilding and boiler connections. YXLON offers a wide range of non-destructive testing solutions with portable X-ray systems, fixed X-ray systems as well as X-ray and CT inspection systems.

Inspection of Longitudinal and Spiral Welded Pipe Segments

Although X-ray inspection competes with other technologies in pipe mills (i.e. ultrasonic), radiography offers decisive advantages as an imaging technology.

Unlike other technologies, difficult areas such as pipe ends can be safely examined using X-ray. Also, for certain areas of the weld, for example in the case of joined spiral weld sections, an X-ray inspection is often required for safety reasons. Using film, image intensifiers or digital flat panel detectors – X-ray systems have been successfully applied in quality assurance processes during tube production for both spot-controlled weld samples and full inspection.

X-ray imaging technology has the distinct advantage of being able to well document the quality of weld joints during fabrication, for example through video recordings of inspection in a moving image. Using our YXLON HDR-Inspect, defects can be detected better and faster.


  • Replacement for film when checking tube ends
  • Quick inspection of longitudinal and spiral welds
  • After inspection of ultrasonic indicators