Most Popular X-ray System for Radial Tire Inspection

YXLON MTIS X-ray inspection system for radial passenger car and truck tires satisfies the need for the highest quality imaging and inspection accuracy, and gathers valuable statistical process control data.


  • Worldwide service network with services tailored to your individual needs
  • Collection of valuable data from each tire for statistical process control
  • Objective and efficient inspection by the automated defection recognition software
  • Outstanding accuracy and reproducibility due to 4-spindle manipulation
  • High image quality for reliable inspection decisions
  • High uptime for reliable 24/7 inline operation
  • More than 250 units sold worldwide, making it the most popular solution

System Capabilities

Our MTIS industrial X-ray Inspection system is the perfect choice for 24/7 inline quality assessment of radial tires during final finishing, with a reliable uptime of more than 95%. The system identifies defects and irregularities such as

  • Inaccurate positioning of structural steel components
  • Defects of the components i.e. loose wires or dog ears
  • Presence of foreign objects

The YXLON Uscan 3 detector delivers high image quality with high contrast as required by ASTM F1035 with 16-bit dynamic resolution. The 4-spindle manipulator offers accuracy and easy reproducibility of the inspection results. This is the basis for gathering good statistical data. With the vertical scan positioning on the 4-spindle manipulator, inspection is achieved with a minimum of deformation, including for warm tires.

The automatic defect recognition software allows for objective and efficient quality assessment against specified limits and extracts various data for statistical process control for every tire, e.g. internal construction details that help make production quality measureable – an important role in continuous production improvement.

Two configurations of MTIS are available:

YXLON MTIS Performance for inline inspection (passenger car tire or truck tire)

YXLON MTIS Advanced for manual loading

Our worldwide service network offers services tailored to your individual needs. We work to continuously improve the MTIS system to satisfy the latest industry requirements, helping you achieve a maximum reliability and exceptional uptime.