High Resolution Industrial CT System for Small / Medium Size Parts Inspection

The YXLON FF35 CT computed tomography system is designed to achieve extremely precise inspection results for a wide range of applications. Available in a single or dual tube configuration, it is perfect for very small to medium-sized parts inspection in the automotive, electronics, aviation, and material science industries.


  • Precise metrology MPESD = 8 µm + L/75, measured as a deviation of sphere distance referring to VDI 2630-1.3
  • Application flexibility using trajectories such as helical CT scan, horizontal field-of-view extension, virtual rotating axis, and standard Quick/QualityScan
  • Innovative touchscreens for intuitive operation via graphical symbols
  • Temperature stability with granite-based manipulation
  • 2D detail visibility of up to 150 nm with new water-cooled 190 kV transmission tube
  • Single or dual tube configuration for highest versatility

System Capabilities

The FF35 CT is a compact, high-resolution computed tomography system ideally suited for inspection of your small to medium-sized items such as:


  • Electronic components like SMD
  • Samples of new materials  (e. g. metal, plastics, CFRP)
  • Microsystems, MEMS, MOEMS
  • Medical devices like hollow needles/cannulas
  • Light-alloy castings
  • Biological artifacts


A key advantage of the powerful FF35 CT is the optional dual-tube configuration (nano-focus transmission tube and high power micro-focus tube), which makes the FF35 CT extremely versatile. Each tube can be adjusted independently at a touch of a button.


Intuitive system control is accomplished via two touchscreens displaying easy-to-understand graphics. Intelligent functionality supports the user: As an example, ‘IntelliGuard’ avoids collision with X-ray tube or detector by automatically determining the outer-shape of the inspection item during a 360° rotation.


CT trajectories such as ‘HeliExtend’ (helical CT scan and reconstruction method) provide consistently good image quality from top to bottom, and capture elongated specimens with a high magnification scan.


The ability to select your own center of scan rotation using ‘virtual rotation axis’ (FlexCenter) offers considerable comfort and saves time. The inspected item needs not be repositioned if regions of interest fall outside the physical center of rotation.


A system health monitor gives you information on various parameters. Results are consolidated and displayed in a ‘traffic light’ representation. Additionally, you can access this health-state of the system and the progress of the CT (and reconstruction) from your office through our remote monitoring software.