High-Channel-Count TRANSOMAT® DA

With the new TRANSOMAT DA sensor system, tubes with a diameter of 27 – 520 mm can be tested. High-resolution arrays are directly digitized at the sensors. Up to 768 channels enable a unique sensibility while testing for transversal and oblique defects. The new servohead technology allows to set the touchdown point close to the tube ends. Optimized touchdown speed avoids bouncing when the test heads arrive at the tube surface. Thus, testing can start immediately at the touchdown point, leading to significantly reduced untested ends. Furthermore, all exchangeable parts of the TRANSOMAT DA needed for the dimension change are attached by quick releases. No tools are necessary. Thus, saving up to 50 % of the time normally needed for a dimension change.


  • Testing for inner and outer defects, transversal and oblique up to ± 45°
  • Significantly reduced untested ends through new servohead technology
  • Extremely fast and easy dimension change by quick release technology
  • Longer lifetime and less maintenance of test heads due to precise motion control
  • Completely digitized sensor system
  • Up to 768 full channels for high-definition C-Scan of the tube

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