Top quality portable measuring instrument

SIGMATEST is a portable measuring instrument for determining the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals in accordance with the eddy current method. The unit determines physical and technical material properties. It is typically used for controlling the quality of manufactured products, testing material combinations, and sorting metals, alloys, and scrap metal. The unit is also used for the maintenance of aircrafts, determining heat damage, and in-process controls during production and processing in the metallurgy sector.

It features five different excitation frequencies and extremely high measuring accuracy. The unit retains this high level of accuracy even at a high frequency of 960 kHz, making it possible to measure very thin workpieces with great precision. The measuring instrument is able to automatically standardize the measured value of the electrical conductivity to 20°C thanks to integrated temperature compensation.


  • Robust device design for operation on site
  • Remote control via RS-232 port or Ethernet port
  • Multilanguage operating system
  • 20 measurements per second
  • Easy operation
  • Five measuring frequencies: 60, 120, 240, 480, 960 kHz
  • Internal and external temperature compensation
  • Measurement possible up to 0.5 mm distance from the test item
  • Measurement range from 0.5 to 65 MS/m (1 - 112 % IACS)

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