Improved Defect Detection

The ROTOMAT DA, used for flux leakage testing of tubes with a diameter of 20 – 520 mm, sets new standards in the detection of longitudinal and especially oblique defects. The use of a high-resolution sensor array allows for improved defect detection. Digitization takes place directly at these arrays in the rotating part, thereby enabling new forms of data transmission to the stationary part of the sensor system. The number of test channels can therefore be increased up to 192. This creates the ability for high-definition C-Scan images.

Furthermore, test signals and power for magnetization are transmitted without contact between the rotor and stator. Slip rings and brushes are now no longer required, leading to a significant reduction in maintenance costs.


  • Testing for inner and outer defects, longitudinal and oblique up to ± 45°
  • Maintenance-free transmission of power and electronic signals
  • Completely digitized sensor system
  • High noise immunity through digitization directly at sensor array
  • Up to 192 full channels for high-definition tube images

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