The Open Air is an inline laser marker designed to provide direct part marking within your robot-assisted manufacturing process without using any costly part fixtures.

Parts are brought in front of the laser aperture by a robot, where a high-power fiber laser delivers repeatable and high-contrast markings. Part detection sensors dynamically validate part positioning to ensure the identifier's quality compliance and laser safety. Once marking is completed, the robots moves the part to the next operation of the production cycle.

Production Capabilities

The Open Air machine can easily be retrofitted in existing production cells. By leveraging your robot’s precision and idle time, it minimizes the cost and complexity of adding part traceability to your process.

Manage Multiple Parts and Cavities Without Fixtures

Avoid buying costly fixtures and use the robot’s gripper to hold the parts instead. Since the parts are not dropped onto fixtures, the marking process is simpler and can be adapted for various marking needs, including multi-part and multi-cavity production contexts.

Robot's part position open air machime

Precise Adjustments to

The Robot’s Part Positioning

In order to provide high code quality and reliability, the open air machine can be equipped with a Z-autofocus system and an X-Y vision system to guide the robot so that it presents the part to the laser marker with unmatched precision.

Flexible and Compact Footprint

With its compact design and its adjustable orientation and height, the Open Air machine can be integrated into any production cell. In addition, its electrical cabinet and control panel can be remotely located to minimize the footprint as well as facilitate operations and maintenance.

Integrated Dust and Heat Management

To minimize maintenance and ensure long term performance, this laser machine is equipped with active dust and heat management.

Instant Barcode Validation

Achieve instant quality control for your markings. Our standard barcode validation peripheral identifies any uncompliant marking just after the marking operation, including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers and so on.

Class-1 Laser Safety Rating

Safety is never an option. As a turnkey solution, this automated machine complies with international laser safety standards. It helps you create a 100% safe work environment without requiring personal protective equipment.