Compact Precision

The MAGNETOSCOP 1.070 is a portable magnetometer system with microprocessor and probes for measuring the magnetic flux density as an absolute or differential value (gradient). It has a USB port for simple data transfer and an SD card for saving measurement data and parameters. The measuring system also facilitates the recognition and saving of peak values and the adjustment of thresholds for limit values. The unit can be used for series and individual measurements. The data can be easily analyzed and documented with the PC software included in the scope of delivery. The MAGNETOSCOP 1.070 thus facilitates the portable and fast measurement of the relative permeability within the scope of the quality control of stainless steel and low-permeable (non-magnetic) alloys as well as the localization of ferrite enclosures. Changes in material (sulfidation, degradation of lamination, structural changes) can also be proven thanks to permeability comparative measurements.


  • USB interface for data transfer
  • Portable, microprocessor-controlled magnetometer system
  • Measure magnetic flux density, absolute or gradient
  • Probe for measurement of relative permeability µr in accordance with IEC 60404-15 and ASTM A342M
  • 3,5

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