Material evaluation based on magnetic properties

MS Magnetic values such as weight-specific saturation polarization σs and volume-specific saturation polarization Js correlate with numerous important process parameters and material properties in the production of sintered hard metals and powder-metallurgical components.

The KOERZIMAT 1.097 measuring system by FOERSTER facilitates the accurate, automatic, and fast measurement of the weight-specific saturation polarization σs and volume-specific saturation polarization Js. The largely geometry-free measurement is particularly suitable for testing samples with complex shapes. The KOERZIMAT 1.097 MS is used for applications such as controlling the sintering level during hard metal sintering processes and determining the tungsten content dissolved in cobalt as well as the free iron, cobalt, and nickel content in powder / hard metals. The saturation polarization Js in Tesla can also be determined in soft magnetic components of magnetic circuits.


  • Standardized interfaces for peripheral equipment (keyboard, mouse, printer, network, etc.)
  • Processor-controlled testing system
  • Single coil absolute operation, therefore no comparison coil required
  • Optional adapter for two-coil differential operation
  • Load-independent induction current, therefore constant induction current intensity and constant magnetic field strength during the testing
  • High induction current intensity thus stimulation of higher harmonics and particularly high test sensitivity to the magnetic characteristics of the test material
  • Single frequency or multi-frequency testing, Harmonics analysis
  • Simple operator guidance thanks to application-specific function buttons and high resolution TFT color screen

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