The Handheld Laser Cleaning Station is the most flexible and ergonomic handheld laser cleaner on the market. You can easily reach any area, change the laser configuration and move the workstation around. You get a cost-effective solution that allows you to process multiple parts of different shapes and sizes.

This off-the-shelf Class-4 laser cleaning system is available in different power levels ranging from 50W to 500W. It includes the right features to keep your workers safe, and its fume extraction nozzle ensures the continuous removal of contaminants from the work area.


Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Based on the proven chainsaw design, our handheld laser offers natural grips and movements for cleaning operations. Its buttons are readily accessible, allowing operators to easily trigger the laser and modify the beam’s width and orientation.

Dual-action safety guard

Safety Features & Training

The laser comes with the right safety features, including a dual-action safety guard, a remote interlock, light warnings and laser safety eyewear. Our laser safety experts also provide the required training to ensure the safe usage of the laser cleaning equipment.

Flexible Cleaning

Highly Flexible Cleaning

With its wide range of gripping positions, the handheld laser can get into zones that would otherwise be difficult to reach. As a mobile solution, it is ideal if you need to clean multiple parts or large ones.

Green Technology

Green Technology with Fast ROI

When you clean with light, you don’t use any chemical products or blast media. The cleaning process is environmentally friendly and provides a clean work environment for your operators. You also eliminate important operation and purchase costs related to consumables.

Fume Treatment Expertise

We offer a broad range of industrial nozzles to efficiently extract and filter dust and fumes generated during laser cleaning. No paint, oil or dust particles are released into the air. The work area is always safe for operators.

Optimized Laser Processes

Our team of laser experts optimize the laser parameters and laser configuration for your application. You get a customized laser process of optimal quality and efficiency based on your cleaning requirements.