Multi-Channel Eddy Current Testing at the Highest Level

With the CIRCOGRAPH DA, FOERSTER sets new standards in non-destructive eddy current testing of long products such as tubes, bars and wires for longitudinally oriented surface defects. CIRCOGRAPH DA offers unsurpassed reproducibility at high test speeds by combining advanced digital electronics with sophisticated system architecture. Digitization takes place directly at the sensor. In order to reduce possible interferences from the outside, the signal paths of the analog test signals have been reduced to a minimum. Equipped with the latest technology and intelligent details, the CIRCOGRAPH DA can also be integrated into existing production lines.


  • CIRCOSCAN rotating discs are available for scanning flat materials
  • Clearance compensation provides constant sensitivity evaluation
  • Test material diameter from 2 - 130 mm
  • Maximum sensitivity for exposed longitudinal surface defects on bright material
  • CIRCOGRAPH rotating heads allow for contactless testing with test speeds up to 6 m/s
  • Digital speed shift filter: Filters move along dynamically with the speed
  • Test frequencies continuously adjustable from 30 kHz to 1 MHz in 100 Hz steps
  • Digitization right at the sensor
  • Up to 256 measurement channels without multiplex operation
  • Optional extension with DEFECTOMAT sensor systems
  • Future-proof due to modular construction, ready for future expansion
  • Compact and robust construction for industrial applications

Better Overview by Visualization of the Test Signals as C-Scan

The new product generation CIRCOGRAPH DA enables displaying of the test signals as a C-Scan. The signal sequence is shown as usual as the sum signal over the distance. The defect position is displayed in the longitudinal direction. Additionally, in the C-Scan view, the signals are now also displayed in the circumferential position. The operator is thus given a better overview of where and, above all, how the defect propagates on the material surface.