The Automated Conveyor is an inline laser marking machine designed to apply permanent and high-definition labels on parts and ingots. Parts can either be marked as they move on the conveyor (on-the-fly technology) or while another process such as weighting, quality control or bundling is being conducted.

The conveyor machine is ideal if you are looking for highly reliable serialization or for an alternative to costly consumables and maintenance. It provides repeatable traceability with its embedded autofocusing system that tolerates ± 70 mm of part positioning variations.


Conveyor features

No More Consumables

Conveyors typically rely on labeling and inkjet systems to apply serialization, but both technologies use costly consumables and require heavy maintenance. You can lower operational costs with our laser markers, which run on electricity alone and are recognized for their high reliability.

Laser with engine part

Automatically Adjusted

to the Part’s Position

Parts are typically positioned with poor repeatability on conveyors. To laser etch a perfect label every time, our machines use a unique 3D profiling autofocus system that adjusts the marking parameters based on the part’s positioning. For additional flexibility, the laser head can be positioned at various angles (such as 45 degrees).

Conveyor with automotive parts

Easy to Retrofit

Custom-sized, our conveyor machine can be retrofitted in no time on any type of conveyor. Its PLC-based communication allows for a seamless integration in your manufacturing process. Plus, the machine’s elevated design minimizes its footprint in your production line.

Conveyor with automative parts

Capable of Marking Moving Parts

Sometimes, you can't afford to stop the conveyor for laser marking, so you need on-the-fly laser marking. If supplied with an encoder signal, our embedded technology actively compensates for the part’s linear speed during laser marking.

Integrated Dust and Heat Management

To minimize maintenance and ensure long term performance, this laser machine is equipped with active dust and heat management.

Instant Barcode Validation

Achieve instant quality control for your markings. Our standard barcode validation peripheral identifies any uncompliant marking just after the marking operation, including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers and so on.

Class-1 Laser Safety Rating

Safety is never an option. As a turnkey solution, this automated machine complies with international laser safety standards. It helps you create a 100% safe work environment without requiring personal protective equipment.