Strong Procession

By following the technological innovations in the sector, we produce solutions for you according to your production and needs. 1996',track construction rail laying work in 2000, 1997' first x-ray device MU31, our first turnkey defense industry project is still active, Roketsan first custom system, first contract rail welding construction in 1996, first railway construction work in 2000 (Atatürk H.limanı line), 1998 Ankara Metro, taksim 4.levent welding work, 2006 first high-speed train project both welding and railway construction work, 2008 Rhomberg-Kalebozan company was established, Thorrmahlen, in 2012 we took over the railway construction part. In 1997, we produced the first domestic insulated coupon rail in our factory. In 2016, we received our first foreign turnkey defense NDT project. Our first overseas project is Venezuela. 2017 first turnkey spiral welded pipe control system including fully automatic and data automation. In 2019, we added the German FOERSTER company to our representations and incorporated eddy current technology into our structure. In 2019, we acquired the fast marking and surface cleaning capability with the Canadian company LASERAX. In 2000, we added the representation of PANDROL company to our structure. We were among the top 1000 exporting companies in 2015 -2018. As a company that has been manufacturing with our team that specializes in non-destructive testing and laser marking & cleaning since 2012, we become the solution partner of our customers.



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